Call for paper

Track Area

Track 1:
Business, Halal Spectrums (Local and International Business and Halal Spectrums) – Papers in any area of Business including administration, economics, entrepreneurs, finance, information systems, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, management, public relations, strategy, human resource management, quantitative methods, operations research, Agribusiness etc; and Halal concept, certification and procedures – Halal supply and value chain procedures – Halal authentication and traceability – Halal finance and personal financing – Halal learning, education and training – Halal consumerism and marketing – Others related Halal, and – Others Islamic Economics and Finance, legal, management, technological advances, education, marketing, human resource.

Track 2:
Finance, Banking and Accounting – Papers in any of area of Finance, Banking and Accounting including accounting theory and practice, auditing, financial planning, financial management, cost accounting, portfolio analysis, budgeting, international accounting, etc.

Track 3:
Social Sciences and Humanities – Papers in any of area of Social Sciences including political science, public administration, international relations, forensic science, criminal justice, sociology, history, psychology, anthropology, criminology, archaeology, law, communication, geography, social work, health care, etc. Papers in any area of Humanities including ancient and modern languages, cultural studies, literature, history, philosophy, religion, visual and performing arts such as music and theatre, linguistics, etc.

Track 4:
Education – Papers in any areas of Education including teaching strategy in education; approaches to teaching and learning; teaching methods and techniques in various levels of education (from pre-school education to secondary/high school education); teaching methods in university/colleges of higher education; traditional on-campus versus online and distance learning teaching methods, open learning, long life learning, etc.

Track 5:
Information Technology – Papers in any area of Information Technology including resource information management, decision support systems, resource planning systems, business intelligence, systems analysis and design, software for business applications, networking systems, security, storage technologies, Web technologies, human-computer interaction, IT system acquisition, implementation, and integration, including systems development, and integration methodologies and processes, etc.

Track 6:
Marketing and Management and Human Resources Management – Papers in any of area of Marketing including advertising and integrated marketing communication, social marketing, digital media, international Marketing, consumer behavior, tourism and event marketing, hospitality marketing, services marketing, retail marketing, strategic marketing; health care marketing, global marketing, sustainable marketing, pricing, product development, distribution and logistics, retail marketing, etc. Papers in any area of Management including organizational behavior, culture, decision making, organizational structure and design, organizational change and development, strategic management and planning, motivation and leadership, marketing management, production management, tourism and event management, health care management, managing change and development, environmental management, ethics and social responsibility, retail management, etc. Papers in any of area of Human Resources Management including, training and development, industrial relations, selection and recruitment, human resource planning, career planning and development, employees performance evaluation, etc.

Track 7:
Public Administration, Social Policy and Global Leadership – Papers in any area of Public Administration and Social Policy including central government and civil service administration; regional and devolved government administration; local government administration; social policy, health and social care; administration of charities and voluntary organizations; evaluation of public policy; decision-making and policy-making in public organizations; development of public sector organizations; group dynamics; management of public organizations, administrative law, public budgeting and financial administration, etc. Papers in any area of Global Leadership including Globalization, Global Leadership Principles and Effectiveness, Global Leadership in Education, Communication, Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Politics, Economics, Culture, Business and Higher Education, etc.

Track 8:
Doctoral Research Session – Papers in any area of Doctoral research including business, finance, social sciences, education, humanities, marketing, human resource management, finance, accounting, banking, management and information technology, public administration and social policy, etc.