In today’s economic growth with various challenges among countries and for any country that is looking for new sources of growth, the Halal industry has a potential to achieve that ambition. To realize this aspiration, the country has to put in place and measures to support the industry for growth, and should have the strategy to become one of the most trusted and relied upon Halal providers in the world. In making a centre for production and trade of halal foods and services, regulations need to be developed. Thus, World-AR 2015 with its main theme “Towards Strengthening Economics and Halal Spectrums: Roles of Industry Players, Educators, Scholars and Researchers” is very timely as it provides a platform for discussions on what should be done in order to have and develop better future economy and an integrated halal economy in areas of good halal foods and service providers. In addition, World-AR 2015 will open up opportunities and discussions among all educators, industry players, halal players and policy makers, academicians and researchers, and participants from various levels through knowledge sharing, research and experience.

The theme “Towards Strengthening Economic and Halal Spectrums: Roles of Industry Players, Educators, Scholars and Researchers” describes both the inter-related and dependency in a better future economy and business dynamics towards the betterment of future society in describing further the multidisciplinary areas of scope related to the main theme and all the topics which inter-related directly or indirectly.

The World-AR 2015 calls for papers from inter-related and multi-disciplines because knowledge learned in one context may become a knowledge base in other contexts that could be vital for future technological development and the advancement of knowledge. This is an excellent opportunity to network and share current knowledge. If you are a researcher, educator, practitioner and industry players, or scholar in any area of Economics, Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Information Technology, Management, Public Administration and Social Policy, Human Resource Management, this World-AR 2015 Congress is for you!